Expectations GBE2


Expectations… I expected this blog to be easy. I expected to be a rockstar. I expected to live in a big house with four kids and a fabulous husband that doted on me. I expected to live the life of my dreams. I expected….. Well I guess expecting something is kind of like assuming something. You know what they say about that don’t cha? Nooooo! Not that one. I would never say that about you! hehehe!! They say to not count your chickens before they hatch. In other words, even though you have seven eggs it’s not a sure thing that you will end up with seven chickens from those eggs. You see, you might get hungry along the way and next thing you know… over easy with a dash of tobasco. Yum.


Okay now I’m going to get deep. Not too deep. Afterall I have just met a few of you and don’t want you to expect that my blogs are always deep. *wink*


Anyway. Having expectations is great. But if you don’t back up those expectations with actions, it’s kind of like… ummm… dreaming of winning the lottery but never buying a ticket. You may never win the lottery but by damned you have a better chance than the guy who didn’t buy a ticket!


In my life I have found only one expectation that seems to always come to pass. The expectation of change. Even when stuck in a rut something will change. We can either fight it or embrace it. I expect to always embrace change but we all know what they say about that, don’t we.


^v^ chickee





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29 responses to “Expectations GBE2

  1. Great thoughts, Chickee! Just deep enough. ;O)

  2. Hi Chickee…

    You had me laughing. I always do want to win the lottery…but where’s that ticket…oh hey that one’s from 2003. No wonder I didn’t win again!

    I wanted to let you know I couldn’t comment on your blogger blog. I kept hitting the comment button but it didn’t do anything?? Anyway…it could just be me…you never know with a girl that expects to hit the lottery with her 2003 ticket.

    Well…I found you here… Great post! LOVED it 🙂 Jenn.

    • I know exactly what I will do with my lottery winnings… I just have to buy that ticket first. =)

      Thanks for telling me about Blogger, I am having trouble with in myself. It is persnickety about letting me into my own page. I guess I will stick with WP for now. Thanks again. =)

  3. I love your post! And you are right. Life is about changes, nothing ever stays the same!! That is one thing we can all expect!!


  4. kev461

    Expectations within reason are good, but unrealistic ones, of either ourselves or others, can be damaging.

    I need to get writing mine. It just isn’t coming as easily for me as in the past. I might have to resort to a quote blog.

    Nice blog, Chris!

    • Kevin… Thank you so much for thinking of me when the GBE2 started a group. =)

      This one was tough for me also. Life has been full of change lately and i am still getting int othe swing of being back to work along with overtime and all that entails…. But I am sure we will both get in the swing of blogging again. Matter of fact I EXPECT it!!

  5. Eccentricity

    It really is important to do something and to try impress on people that they’re not powerless. When I was younger it seemed like I was being carried from one situation to the next with the expectation that any choices made by me would have no effect on the bad outcome sure to come–life taught me that. It’s fortunate I un-learned while I was still in my 20’s.

    • Yes it is! Too many kids (and adults) do not realize their actions affect EVERYTHING. They think nothing they do makes a difference, but as you and i have learned it does.

  6. Nicole

    You are correct, the only thing to ever expect is change because never ever stays the same! Good or bad!

    I’m one of those people that wants to win the lottery, but never have bought a ticket LOL

    But most importantly: Over easy with Tabasco sauce?! Ick! lol!


    • heheheee!! Yes over easy with Tabasco (thanks for spelling it correctly, it didn’t look right ot me but I couldn’t figure out what a did wrong LoL)
      Now go buy a lottery ticket!! =)

  7. As George Harrison said, “All things must pass,” and change is ever present. We don’t always get what we expect, but, as you said, if we take action, we can expect to get something from our hard work and perseverance.

  8. So true. The only constant is change. Great post.

  9. Change is the only constant. That’s what they say, right?
    It’s easy to say we’ll embrace change, but the truth is, I don’t think we ever have to actually embrace it at all. I think acknowledging it is sometimes enough. Making a choice to go with it, or not, is in a way, embracing it I do suppose…. eeeh, you are getting deep, huh?

    Anyways, nice to “see” you again. And yeah, I agree with Nicole: EWWWW on the over easy with tabasco — TOO FUNNY!

    • Hi Carmen. =) I’ve been gone quite a while. *life and it’s unexpected changes… and all that*
      I want to embrace change but well… nope it’s more like change embraces me with a strangle hold until I give in and accept it. LoL

  10. sue

    Good point about the chickens and the eggs. Make it hot sauce and I’m there. Change sucks – good bad or indifferent – it sucks
    Hope you are writing again

    • To me tabasco IS hot sauce. LoL

      I think I will be writing more and more with the GBE2 giving me a trigger each week. =)

      Sometimes change is good… sort of, maybe, almost. 😉

  11. Doc

    i like to DANCE with Mr Change…run with him…and he’s my best friend! Don’t know why he is MR today..sometimes change is Goddess and MS Change but always my best friend. Don’t even know why i am sharing this, i think its the RED that stimulated change from your page! : )

    thank you for sharing and great to meet you.

    • Hmmmmm… many people profess to enjoy change but in actuality do not. However, I kind of think you are one who actually does enjoy it. =) I mean geez to give it so many names and personalities,,, you gotta like it. =)

  12. djs617

    This is very true.

  13. Oh no! Poor egg!

    Off to buy that lottery ticket now, and I’ll expect with all my heart to win it. 😉 Fun post and I’ll definitely be back to read more.

  14. I kinda feel that way about my queries. I want to get published but recently have become lax about sending out those letters.


  15. Katy

    Growing up, I had hopes and dreams but I didn’t feel entitled to their fulfillment nor did I expect them to come about without action on my part. I was about 5-years old when I knew for sure that I wanted to live overseas where I could help people who were suffering, and I wanted to write about it, to tell the stories of the people I would meet.

    I went on to do that. I willfully made it happen. I didn’t fall into it. But I’ve always had courage when it comes to doing things for the sake of others.

    I’d still grab a duffel bag and go right back to it, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s not just me anymore; I have to consider my husband and children and they’re not keen to go, at all. Not anymore, at least.

    That leaves me looking at other options. I still contribute to the betterment of life in my own community and that’s good, but I’ve discovered other dreams, dreams that are personal, about self-satisfaction. And that’s where I glitch because I lack the courage to reach for them. I don’t expect that they’ll come true magically…

    I suppose I’m drifting and that’s okay for awhile, but life is short and I need to sharpen my focus and find the courage to reach for my own sake.

    Change is going to happen, yes, but I’d rather not be a passive participant in it. 🙂

    • ❤ even if you hadn't given your name I would have known it was you!

      You my dear have taught me to look beyond the dreams and DO. You've also showed my (by example) what I could do for those around me. Instead of just thinking about it. So I say this to you. You give so much of yourself to others that you NEED to do and dream just for yourself sometimes. Don't hold back because in order to give of yourself you must give to yourself. And I ain't tlaking a new pair of shoes… we both know that. =) Love you!!!

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