I used to blog.

I used to blog.  Ummmmm…  I mean I used to blog regularly. It was over in that place I called My Space.  I enjoyed it a lot and was an active member in a blog group.  They would encourage me to stretch my limits and explore things that were foreign to me.  The group gave you a trigger word or phrase and you took it the way you wanted to.  Seeing the many different directions people went when given the same trigger was incredible.

Once we were given the word “home.”  Many talked about where they grew up or their home right now.  There were some gorgeous poems and some picture blogs that took my breath away. But for me, from out of no where this beautiful little piece of fantasy fiction about a mermaid flew from my fingertips.  It was the first bit of my fiction I had ever allowed anyone to read.  The response I got had my head swelling and my face blushing, I was encouraged to write more and more.  I felt that my little hobby of dreaming had been validated.  I even enjoyed the constructive criticism I received at times.  It helped me to grow as a writer and a person.

I would also spend time reading other’s blogs.  There were so many wonderful writers out there.  People whose views could either be flat-out identical to mine of were so against my grain I would sometimes shudder.

The ones I enjoyed reading were the bloggers who thought before they wrote.  Seriously thought.  They also didn’t beg for comments or kudos.  They also didn’t tell me that if I read theirs they would read mine.  They interacted with the reader, they didn’t pull drama into their blogs or harsh on people whose comments they didn’t like.  They were open and accepting of all opinions (as long as they were given with respect).  If a blogger didn’t respond to comments at all or if they asked for kudos or were disrespectful to their readers I usually stopped reading them.

Still I got to the point where there were so many awesome blogs I wanted to read, I had no time to write, let alone clean my house.  I got burned out.  I stopped writing and in time stopped reading.  I missed it.

Then yesterday on my Facebook page I got a friend request.  I had no clue who the person was but I did see that they had 14 friends in common with me.  So I gave the page a click before deciding to accept or not.

The person was a blogger.  The kind of blogger that immediately turned me off.  I honestly don’t care how good the blog might be, I won’t read just because of the attitude of this person.  “Once the biggest blogger on…” “I will offend you…” “…I don’t give a sh*t what you have to say..”  Blah blah blah…

Honestly why would I even attempt to read someone like that?

I was instantly reminded of all the reasons blogging became a chore.  Drama, kudo chasers, ignorance, out right rudeness and contrived controversy to generate views.

Sooooo… guess what I did with the friend request?

I may only have a handful of people who read what I write and at the moment I am only reading a handful of others but each and every one of those people mean something to me and I respect their views and opinions.

Now like this or I will never read your blog again!!  bwahahahahaaa!!!  As if!

What do you look for in a blog?

Do you read just friends?

Or do you search topics?

Have you found a blogger that you just had to share?

Have you ever hit “random entry” and found a gem?



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18 responses to “I used to blog.

  1. What a great question! A great thought… I actually have many blogs I’m attached too, but I don’t read them all — I just wouldn’t have the time to do anything else. But, I will say, I don’t read bloggers that post every day and I seem to cherish those bloggers that may be blog weekly or “every so often”. I don’t know — maybe I’m not a crazy brilliant writer but at some point I get very bored with people who blog every day because most of it just becomes jibberish or “stream of thought” stuff. Like you, I like to read blogs that are more “thoughtful”, if I can use that word.

    But, I don’t mind clever quick blogs either. I do have a couple of bloggers I follow who post every day but they’ll post a picture, or a quote or music in between thier own posts. I kind of like that too — because it gives me more of a flavor of who they might be.

    As far as negative or rude blogs go… Hmmm.. it depends. I’m never really interested in negative stuff per se, but if there’s an aspect of cleverness to it, or a bit of bite that makes you think, I don’t mind it at all.

    At the end of the day though, I love everything about blogging. Maybe more so that there are no rules. I can post when I want and then don’t have to and no one will care. Maybe, I’ll be missed a tinge here and there (one would hope anyways), but no deadlines in a world full of pressure is so my kinda thing. I love that the most!

    I certainly love following you! Whenever you post is fine with me! And I’ll be here to read. . . .


    • Hi Carmen. =) Oh I llike tons of different kind of blogs and bloggers. I enjoy soaking in the beauty of a photo blog or pondering the cadance of a poetry blog. I also enjoy the “what I did today” type of blog depending on the picture painted for me by the writer. I do enjoy a good venting blog now and then.

      I was so put off by this person’s flat out telling they were the biggest and the best and that they didn’t care what I thought… well, they could have written the most beautifully thought provoking blog ever written and I wouldn’t read it because the attitude of the writer had me shutting down before I even thought of reading them.

      Yes there are no rules and that is fabulous, because I am not good at sticking to the rules. =) hehehe.

      Thanks for reading and giving such a thoughtful 😉 response.

  2. So good to see you blogging on here! 🙂
    And…I really miss all of the MySpace drama.

    Since coming on to WordPress, I’ve discovered good writers by going to their “Fresh Pressed” site, as well as keyword searches (mostly “life”). After that, once I hooked into a few, I noticed their blogrolls and checked them out as well.

    It takes a bit more effort to find good writing here. I mean WordPress is so very well set up that even big name people and companies set up camp here. They make it easy to do, and they give you all the right tools, too – something that MySpace never did. I mean, they tried, but their engineering group seems to have flunked basic coding 101.

    Still, I keep one toe in the water over at MySpace.

    ‘Cause…you know. There are still a handful of decent folk who just won’t let go of the place. *grin*

    • Hi Wolfie, May I call you Wolfie? I miss the ease with which I blogged on MySpace. I had the basis html down pat and could make my blogs look the way I wanted them. I miss the ease of having that trigger given to me each week and also knowing that someone was going to read, even if it was just becasue of the fact that we were involved in the same group. I found many wonderful boggers that way and just as many duds too. I loved that so many people gave such thought out comments. Even if it was to say “hey I know you can do better than this.”

      I am still floundering here. I am not good at figuring out how to make things the way I want them. Heck it took me a few days to figure out how to make a blog roll and I am sure if I tried to add another name to it right now I would fail horribly. LoL I guess maybe I failed coding 101 also.

      I check out a lot of blogs I find on “freshly pressed.” Some have made me laugh or really think or just roll my eyes. As I’m sure my writing does for some too.

      If someone asks me to go read a blog on MS I will do it. But I’m like an addict, if I blog there once I’ll be back in the thick of it again. So I resist that urge. Although the thought of Blogophilia has been tempting. hehe.

  3. Jesse

    Oh crap! You are making me think again.

    I think that is part of what I look for in a blog, thought provoking ideas. That and good imagery. Let’s see….less than a thousand words…..something that seems real (seems, because you just never KNOW)….a little variety. Mix it all together and bake at 350 for 35 minutes…*poof* fresh, hot blogs.

    Mostly, I like honesty in a blog. The barest hint of pretense makes me shudder.

    Good topic, Chickee.

    • OMG! Jesse! I don’t want your brain to burn up! Please stop thinking! NOW!!!

      I like that you included “good imagery”, that is a big reason why I LOVE your blogs. With your words you paint a picture with humor and love for me. You make me smile. I can feeel myself right there with you.

      Sooo….. go on, get to it write another bloggy for me to read. =) ♥

  4. Nicole

    I first opened a Myspace back in 2005. I was in high school, and the only reason I joined was to keep up with family/friends. I saw the blog feature, but I never knew there was an entire blog “sub-culture” on there. I think it was in 2007 that I wrote my first real blog. The one about Harry Potter that you read. I didnt write it for kudos or attention because I wasnt aware of any of that then. I just felt the need to express my thoughts and feelings in some way. I remember being really surprised that people I never even heard of decided to leave comments on it, saying they enjoyed what I had to say. My favorite part about blogging is the sharing of opinions.

    I started visiting the categories and found really kool people that I became friends with, and then I’d met other people via their blogs. I met a lot of great people thanks to the blogs on Myspace. It was like a little community there for a while, especially with the GBE group. But you’re right, it did start to seem like a chore after a while, trying to keep up with everybody. This was back when people blogged every day on there. It got a little overwhelming, but sometimes I miss that. Now hardly anybody blogs anymore. I especially miss reading my friends blogs (like you) every week.

    The downfall of blogging was all the drama though. Atleast thats what I think. I think it pushed a lot of people away and thats why people became more comfortable on facebook. The drama blogs was entertaining to me when I first started reading, but I could care less now. Its the same old stuff from the same old people. You have 30+ people acting worse than teenagers in high school. After a while its just becomes sad. That’s why I only read a handful of people nowadays. And it’s also one reason I stick to doing the idol blogs or game blogs. That way, I dont have to deal with the drama or worry about some cry baby getting ticked off and spamming my page or try to get me deleted. It’s sad that stuff like that ruined myspace blogging for a lot of people.

    I still have hope for Myspace though. I would love for all my friends to return and share their thoughts and opinions through blogging. Facebook just isnt the same.

    And whoa…I’m sorry about the long rambling!! Btw, I dont know if this works the same as Blogspot, but if you have an option to add emails to alert people when you blog, feel free to add mine! I checked the “Send me site updates” thingy though. I dont want to miss anything!!

  5. I love long comments. =) I do miss myspace at times but… I couldn’t even keep two pages going over there, i tried ot keep my blogging and perosn stuff separate but it didn’t wokr out. Anyway… I liked your Tv show challenge blogs. I don’t think I ever won BUT i had fun trying.

    Clicking that little button shoudl get you email alerts for my blogs. I’m not sure since I am a techno-nothing.

    Like WolfShades I like ot click on “freshly pressed” on here. I have some across some really nice blogs. Still looking for those “keepers” though.

    Thanks for reading Nicole. =)

  6. Hey Girlie ♥

    I’ve over here trying to check out this wordpress thingy and set up a blog and I feel like running off…like it’s too much work. Ha. I know I can figure it out..I know I can. I incredibly miss the fun I’ve had on myspace the last couple of years but I’ve resolved that I have to let go and move on. Thankfully, many of my friends are doing the same and now we are all just scattered about. In time, I hope we will all find one resting spot and gather once again in our blogging circle. Some time ago, I started my blogspot and now have gotten used to navigating it so I’m a little frustrated here tonight. My creative nature makes the appearance of my blog huge to me so I’m searching for a theme now. Just thought I’d take a little break from the frustration and say HELLO…so….HELLO! Maybe I’ll be up and running before long 🙂

    • I really enjoy wordpress because I figured out how to have everything sent to my email. Which hits my phone and I can read blogs while I’m on break at work. It makes my day when i get a great blog delivered ot me on a crappy day.

      I do miss MS, BUT I recently went back there adn OMG they just changed everything I had trouble finding my own blog. LoL

      FB is NOT blogger friendly but I think that there might be a few of us former MSers who are gonna try and figure a way to blog and notify through there. Hopefully creating that little circle once again. =)

      I’ma go add you to my subscriptions NOW. =D

  7. Hi David II,
    I can’t decide if I wanna post Blogo stuff over here or just stick with “notes.” I am hopelss at making either one look the way i want them too. I REALLY miss that about MS 1.0. I have met a few great people on FB but most of the peeps over there are for my gaming addiction. Dang those Zynga games!

    Oh, I also met a few great people over on MS through blogging. ALL through blogging. =)

  8. Hi Chickee! *waving*

    I stayed out of MySpace drama for the most part, but the thing I love about blogs is the “community”. I usually only blog once a week (since I try to write novels at night the rest of the week… Yeek!) so it’s my way of keeping in touch with everyone!

    I love fun photo blogs and a creative poem or point of view is always welcome too. I don’t get time to read as many blogs as I used to so I really appreciate the times I do get to see everyone! 🙂

    I’m so glad we met up again! WItht he implosion of MySpace I was so sad to think I’d lose touch with everyone…


    Lisa 🙂

  9. sue

    My mouse slipped – and you must be a friend of a friend becasue my mouse landed here. Not sure who you are – I am a refugee from MS also. I joined MS for the photography and somehow ending up blogging and writing – and thinking – and exercising my brain. Yeah the challenge blogs eh? I managed to stay out of the drama – then MS committed suicide. But I still had to blog. I joioned my boomer place and while it is not the same. will never be the same. I can blog and read and be read. then I got a word press for blogophilia. I refuse to use facebook. The blogophilia group is desperately trying to hold it together. So now we are spread all over – but still manage to keep in touch. Anyway compelled to reply – cheers, Sue

    • Hi Sue. I am very glad your mouse slipped. =) I have been posting Blogophila on FB notes but think I might move it on over here. I like the commenting and stuff here better. =)

      I have just been over on MS trying to rescue a few older blogs I had but it keeps crashing my browser and won’t let me view my older blogs. =( Sadness.

      • sue

        ok – I see you do know David – his latest is a hoot. yeah I met the people on MS so now it’s word press or e mail – I refuse to use FB though Clarkster is trying to convince me
        I’ve always backed up my blogs from facespace (as I call it) and yes – they do make your computer go crash
        anyway – nice to meet you 🙂
        oh I am on boomer place too – while not as good as MS it is a venue for writing and many spacers are there for the reading and commenting

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