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I used to blog.

I used to blog.  Ummmmm…  I mean I used to blog regularly. It was over in that place I called My Space.  I enjoyed it a lot and was an active member in a blog group.  They would encourage me to stretch my limits and explore things that were foreign to me.  The group gave you a trigger word or phrase and you took it the way you wanted to.  Seeing the many different directions people went when given the same trigger was incredible.

Once we were given the word “home.”  Many talked about where they grew up or their home right now.  There were some gorgeous poems and some picture blogs that took my breath away. But for me, from out of no where this beautiful little piece of fantasy fiction about a mermaid flew from my fingertips.  It was the first bit of my fiction I had ever allowed anyone to read.  The response I got had my head swelling and my face blushing, I was encouraged to write more and more.  I felt that my little hobby of dreaming had been validated.  I even enjoyed the constructive criticism I received at times.  It helped me to grow as a writer and a person.

I would also spend time reading other’s blogs.  There were so many wonderful writers out there.  People whose views could either be flat-out identical to mine of were so against my grain I would sometimes shudder.

The ones I enjoyed reading were the bloggers who thought before they wrote.  Seriously thought.  They also didn’t beg for comments or kudos.  They also didn’t tell me that if I read theirs they would read mine.  They interacted with the reader, they didn’t pull drama into their blogs or harsh on people whose comments they didn’t like.  They were open and accepting of all opinions (as long as they were given with respect).  If a blogger didn’t respond to comments at all or if they asked for kudos or were disrespectful to their readers I usually stopped reading them.

Still I got to the point where there were so many awesome blogs I wanted to read, I had no time to write, let alone clean my house.  I got burned out.  I stopped writing and in time stopped reading.  I missed it.

Then yesterday on my Facebook page I got a friend request.  I had no clue who the person was but I did see that they had 14 friends in common with me.  So I gave the page a click before deciding to accept or not.

The person was a blogger.  The kind of blogger that immediately turned me off.  I honestly don’t care how good the blog might be, I won’t read just because of the attitude of this person.  “Once the biggest blogger on…” “I will offend you…” “…I don’t give a sh*t what you have to say..”  Blah blah blah…

Honestly why would I even attempt to read someone like that?

I was instantly reminded of all the reasons blogging became a chore.  Drama, kudo chasers, ignorance, out right rudeness and contrived controversy to generate views.

Sooooo… guess what I did with the friend request?

I may only have a handful of people who read what I write and at the moment I am only reading a handful of others but each and every one of those people mean something to me and I respect their views and opinions.

Now like this or I will never read your blog again!!  bwahahahahaaa!!!  As if!

What do you look for in a blog?

Do you read just friends?

Or do you search topics?

Have you found a blogger that you just had to share?

Have you ever hit “random entry” and found a gem?



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