Muslims and Terrorists

There is a section of my local paper called “30 Seconds”, people call in or e-mail and basically spout off about anything they choose for a few seconds and they get published.  Sometimes the editor will publish a quick reply.  Most times not.  Any given subject will generate days and sometimes weeks of petty bickering between the callers.  Subjects range from, my neighbor’s lawn is too high or thanks to the kid who held the door open for me,  local politics, national news, movie stars, fashion and my personal fave, fat people.  Sometimes religion is even touched upon.

I’ve been a casual scanner of the 30 seconds page of the paper since it began.  Usually something will catch my eye and I will laugh at the idiocy of the caller.  To me this page is entertainment.  Kind of like our very own redneck tabloid.  Occasionally something will actually interest me as more than a giggle.  And even fewer times the caller will actually seem to have a brain and be able to use it. 

Wednesday was one of those days. 

It seems the entire nation is getting all bent out of shape over the thought of a Mosque being built at “Ground Zero.”  This has been irritating the hell out of me since I heard all the hub bub.  My opinion is this, why not build a Mosque there?  Did no one of the Islam faith die that day?  I haven’t spoken my views before because I honestly didn’t want to get into an argument about it. 

So anyway…  This is what was printed in the local paper.  It was sent in by an anonymous emailer. 

“…Please get educated on different religions, other cultures and the difference between Muslims and terrorists.  Then, when you give your opinion, at least you’ll know what you’re talking about.  By the way, Islam is a religion, a Mosque is a place of worship, Muslims are followers of Islam (not an ethnic group) and terrorists are radicals that use violence for political pursuit (some, not all, are Muslim)…” 

Yes. Exactly.  Speak your opinion but by all means please know what you are talking about first. 

Every religion has radicals or zealots.  Christians have those who oppose abortion by bombing abortion clinics.  They shout about killing babies, yet they do not see the harm and hate they produce by the way they try to get their point across. 

We can’t end hate by hating.

So I say, by all means build the Mosque at ground zero.  I would love to some day visit and join a worship service.



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7 responses to “Muslims and Terrorists

  1. Jesse

    I like this, Chickee. I’m glad the country is coming to grips with this issue and I like reasoned responses like yours. Here’s the problem.

    When that idiot in Florida planned to burn Korans, he was immediately denounced by a wide range of mainstream Christians. When some Muslim blows his dumb ass up and murders a bunch of women and children….nothing. Not a peep of protest from the “moderate” Muslims. That worries me.

    I don’t know what the answer is, but until Islam works on the same rules as the rest of the civilized world, there will continue to be conflicts.

  2. True and point taken. However I believe the lack of response tends to have more to do with culture than religion.

    The dude in Florida just gets my panties in a bunch and I think all the publicity to himself is actually what he was desiring. He wanted his 15 minutes, and man oh man, is he getting it.

    As for the developers of the land. All they see now is money. They do not care if a Mosque, Church, Temple or car dealership are built there. They see the controversy as an oppurtunity to cash in on that piece of land. And according to the radio this morning the bidding wars have begun.

    Thanks for coming and reading, Jesse. =)

  3. Oh Chickee! How I hate that this is your latest post and my first ever comment to your page…. I want us to be such good bloggy friends since we have Wolfie in common, but I just can’t resist! I have to comment:

    Ugghhh…first, I’d like to point out that they are NOT building a Mosque. It’s a community center. There already is a Mosque near the Tribecca/Soho area that has been there for years so. . .

    With that said, I understand the sadness, the outrage, the hurt over the Center being built there. And I must admit, although happily a Democrat, and NOT religious AT ALL, I feel like the timing is just so way off — and not because the people constructing the Center have done anything wrong at all, but because we, as American’s haven’t healed yet because New York still hasn’t built something else at Ground Zero to stop calling it Ground Zero! To me it’s still an open wound, a horrible reminder, because it’s still THAT: a reminder. So, I get why people are against it, even if it really makes no sense at all.

    I believe Americans are quite bright on most days — the majority of us more to the center than any real extremes. I have faith all of us will do the right thing. But, I’m not angry that people are upset, I get it. And actually I’m more upset that it’s been 9 years and we still have an open gaping wound in New York — still bleeding and therefore, for a lot of us, always reminded of the past, and what and whom we lost. That’s why it’s so hard for so many people to even talk about — unfortunately – “Muslims” building anything there at all.

    But I have faith — I’m not mad at the anger, I actually understand it. And my gripe is with Bloomberg. All the politics behind the lagging building of something to remind us of what we got through instead of a reminder of what was done to us. . .

    My apologies — I never really write such long comments.. but I just couldn’t resist! Feel free to delete — I won’t think anything of it. But it really is nice to “meet” you…really! I shall follow your blog for sure now…cool stuff already!


  4. Hi Carmen. Why would you apologize for your comment? Shame on you. I welcome all views and especially ones that educate me. =)

    I had heard it being called a community center before but though the media was just trying to be politically correct.

    You make perfect sense when you speak of the pain and anger still felt by yourself and others. I just fear that will keep many hating everyone who even looks like they might be Muslim. And no I am not saying forgive and forget. NOWAY! I am saying reflect and heal and move forward.

    I fear that location will forever be known as Ground Zero. There are actually bus trips form here in PA to go “see ground zero.”

    You said this perfectly; “… building of something to remind us of what we got through instead of a reminder of what was done to us.”

    THANKS for coming and for taking the time to comment. =)

    • Thank you — because I think it’s important to be able to discuss heart-wrenching hard thins with people, even when we disagree or especially if we disagree — and not that I think you and I do disagree actually…but, so many people get so angry, so upset that they can’t hear what someone else might be saying, might be trying to express — and for what its worth, (stealing from Ms. Maya Angelou for a moment), I do believe we are all “more alike than we are unalike”. Muslim, Catholics, Jews, Atheists, etc… And when we can find common ground, then we become better, stronger, more alive! That’s what I believe anyways. Plus, I didn’t realize I made up a little cool kinda qoute or point there — thanks for showing me I can actually kinda sorta be smart sometimes (or I can at least accidentally be!) Ha!

      Oh, and just a footnote: The anology of the community center is to be somewhat like a YMCA is to Christians. A place for everyone, however, some focus is placed on Christianity and also there is a Chapel or place of prayer in some YMCA’s (though I’ve never seen or noticed one, but was never looking). The community center is suppossed to be that same sort of thing.

      Great subject! Again, thanks for writing this.

  5. Nope I don’t think we disagree on this one either. We just have different points of view based on our own experiences.

    I am a member of a local YMCA and to be honest, I don’t think of it as a Christian center. To me it’s a gym combined with a day care and youth center. So I try and watch my language while I do my thing.


  6. That’s the great thing about the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) — it has morphed into what it is today: a place for all people to become better individuals through the whole intial concept of a healthy spirit, mind and body — with less an emphasis on religion or Christianity,. Though do believe that it is still part of thier mission statement (which I have no problem with at all! It’s a GREAT organiztion!). But, the YMCA has been around since the late 1800’s — and although a wonderful organization (I should admit that I was brought up Catholic and also was a member — against my will – hee! of the YMCA for many years and the YWCA as well), it was exclusively about promoting Christian values and based far more on religious activities than it is now — and I think that’s the point the Islamic Center folk are trying to make. They want people to think of their organization the same way we think about the Y: a center for all, without a second thought about it being a religous center. Unfortunately, I think the Islamic Center in New York is a long, long way from that ever becoming a reality. Not in this climate — and the truth is, most YMCA don’t have chapel’s or places of prayers in their buildings anymore — you’re right: no one views them as religious places or Christian centers — most don’t even know what the initials stand for unless they are a part of it!

    But I have to say: how funny! I also watch my language when I’m around there too…hee! hee! We must be very good Christian girls to the core (or maybe not! Ha!).

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