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Muslims and Terrorists

There is a section of my local paper called “30 Seconds”, people call in or e-mail and basically spout off about anything they choose for a few seconds and they get published.  Sometimes the editor will publish a quick reply.  Most times not.  Any given subject will generate days and sometimes weeks of petty bickering between the callers.  Subjects range from, my neighbor’s lawn is too high or thanks to the kid who held the door open for me,  local politics, national news, movie stars, fashion and my personal fave, fat people.  Sometimes religion is even touched upon.

I’ve been a casual scanner of the 30 seconds page of the paper since it began.  Usually something will catch my eye and I will laugh at the idiocy of the caller.  To me this page is entertainment.  Kind of like our very own redneck tabloid.  Occasionally something will actually interest me as more than a giggle.  And even fewer times the caller will actually seem to have a brain and be able to use it. 

Wednesday was one of those days. 

It seems the entire nation is getting all bent out of shape over the thought of a Mosque being built at “Ground Zero.”  This has been irritating the hell out of me since I heard all the hub bub.  My opinion is this, why not build a Mosque there?  Did no one of the Islam faith die that day?  I haven’t spoken my views before because I honestly didn’t want to get into an argument about it. 

So anyway…  This is what was printed in the local paper.  It was sent in by an anonymous emailer. 

“…Please get educated on different religions, other cultures and the difference between Muslims and terrorists.  Then, when you give your opinion, at least you’ll know what you’re talking about.  By the way, Islam is a religion, a Mosque is a place of worship, Muslims are followers of Islam (not an ethnic group) and terrorists are radicals that use violence for political pursuit (some, not all, are Muslim)…” 

Yes. Exactly.  Speak your opinion but by all means please know what you are talking about first. 

Every religion has radicals or zealots.  Christians have those who oppose abortion by bombing abortion clinics.  They shout about killing babies, yet they do not see the harm and hate they produce by the way they try to get their point across. 

We can’t end hate by hating.

So I say, by all means build the Mosque at ground zero.  I would love to some day visit and join a worship service.



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